This whole Fine-tuning business is extremely misused.

I keep hearing statements along the lines of: “..the universe is fine-tuned for intelligent life is almost unanimously accepted.”. Which is exactly the kind of purposefully worded thing found within the interpretation itself.

Let’s clear this up once and for all. The science behind it, the fact that it is an extremely narrow band of chance that we are here to ask these questions, is fine and dandy and accepted. But the thing implied even by the title ‘Fine-tuning’ and by statements including active words like ‘adjusted’ just makes the whole thing into yet another teleological argument, yet this is what we are told the scientific community accepts. This is a lie.

Words are important.

When people watch a video of Christopher Hitchens saying regarding Fine-tuning “..that even though it doesn’t prove design, doesn’t prove a Designer, [the fine-tuning] could have all happened without [God] You have to spend time thinking about it, working on it. It’s not a trivial [argument].” and then spout “Hitchens acknowledged that there IS evidence for the existence of God, that the evidence is “not trivial” and cannot be dismissed.” then the point of reasoned discussion is lost entirely.

If the burden of proof lies with the claimant then so should the burden of using proper language to portray your arguments. How can we debate on a level playing field if you can twist words in such a way.

All things considered, even though the chances of us existing are that slim, even leaving out the Many Worlds Interpretation.. The fact remains that we are here to ask these questions. Surely that means that, mind-boggling though it is, our existence and the 13.77 billion years leading up to it is 100% likely.


Any extrapolation backwards will show an event to be astronomically unlikely because you are trying to show likelihood of reaching a specific event against all possible outcomes.

This in no way shows a guiding of events except that of the person doing the calculations to reach the desired outcome.


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One Response to Fine-tuning

  1. If the universe was different, then a completely different kind of life could have emerged and they again would say “Oh, see, how the universe is fine-tuned just for us.” But that’s nonsense. Life adepts to the universe, not the other way around.

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