Warning: The following contains purposefully bad mathematics.

The “semantic hairsplitting” I “engage in” is because the problem with some people is the manipulation of language to suit their point of view and because at the root of religion is someone telling people something not true.
Let me give an example of how it feels to have semantics thrown at me when people can’t support their claims or interpretations:

In school I delighted my maths teacher by having fun with maths.
One day I jokingly presented him with my ‘proof’ that 2 = 1 which went a bit like this..

For now assume
X = 1 and
Y = 1

So                          X – Y = 0
Also                       2(X-Y) = 0
And therefore      2(X-Y) = (X-Y)

As we all know, the basis for any equation is that both sides are equal. Anything we do to each side will have the same result. So if we divide each side by the same amount the results will be equal..

Let’s stick with our algebra and divide each side by (X-Y)

——-     =   2


——      =   1

and because as previously stated

2(X-Y)       (X-Y)
——-   =   ——
(X-Y)           (X-Y)

Then we are left with the conclusion that     ‘2=1’

Quite proud of my little puzzle, my maths teacher congratulated me and we talked about the obvious flaw in the results.

Now I had presented what looks, to the uneducated, to be a proof of something previously thought false. But what I’d really done (albeit on purpose) is interpreted the way algebra works in such a way as to make it look like 2 could actually equal 1. It was the mathematical equivalent of using a lack of understanding of my medium to portray the outcome I desired.

Back to how this compares to my topic;

If any argument for any theory uses words in the wrong way then the interpretation is skewed, the result is going to be viewed by those who don’t do their own research as that incorrect result.

People depend on research done in fields outside their scope of experience and to give the findings in the correct manner. No one can study everything, and so if we use other peoples research to fill in the gaps in our knowledge, in our understanding of the universe around us even, then the interpretations we read or hear need to be the clinical truth.

If you interpret someone’s work and then pass it on for others then, for the good of mankind:
Don’t insert your own bullshit.


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