If we all die: We all die.
In the end it doesn’t matter.
We existed..
and that’s fucking awesome.

13.77 billion years in the making and just look at all the amazing, improbable things that have happened, are still happening.. Yes there’s more to come, but ultimately the universe will cease to be able to sustain us. We won’t exist forever but that is okay.

If I consider my ‘purpose’ as ‘to have existed at all’, should I give up? Should we give up?
Our legacy, doomed to be lost though it is, should continue for as long as we can help it.
Let’s make some babies, teach them what has happened so far and give them a world in which they can achieve even more. I want more sentient beings to follow me, roll up their sleeves and say “Right. What next?”

Let’s not wallow in the ignorance of our past but look to our future and what we can accomplish if we stop pretending that 1000+ religions all have the right to think they are right.

Science is the way forward for a unified humanity. Unwarranted inequality and superstition are the shackles of pointless hatred that keep us from progress. Cast them off.


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