Fake History

If you bury a coin in your garden, then dig it up a week later…
If you move into a new house, renovate the basement and find old barrel hoops under the floor..
If we build a car park and find walls from old barns just beneath the grass..
If Tony Robinson digs in a field because there might have been a town there and finds the outer walls, then evidence of a bakery from a few hundred years ago..
If we find artefacts belonging to the Sumerians and Akkadians in Mesopotamia from 3100 BCE..
When we found the Goseck Circle whose construction is dated to approximately the 49th century BCE..

..at what point is it fake?

If god created the world ~6000 years ago. At which point did he put in all the false evidence of history?

When did he create the ancestors of peoples who can be traced to others than Adam and Eve?

Where in history do we say
“Up to this point logic holds. Before this: God did it.”?


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