The power of religion

It has no place on modern earth. It was a stepping stone to inquiry. We are there now and we can drop it. It has been the cause of much hate and death, but as the more forward thinking used religion to futher their own empires it also spread the collective civilisation we needed to start looking toward a unified scientific age that we are now so desperately close to.

Whilst science sees no need for inequality and is now taught alongside morality and ethics to ensure we use the principles of experimentation to go forward in the right direction, I do think it’s important to recognise the awesome power of conviction that religion used to embody.

We are seeing the last remnants of it now in muslim culture but back in the days the passion that was displayed by believers and the awesome tales they told were humbling to say the least.

Imagine a common man being told by a man who truly believes in hell fire and the creation of all by a supreme being. This common man knows nothing outside the confines of his life. He may wonder at the miracles in his life like the birth of a child or eclipses, but ultimately he is more concerned with the crops being ready for winter..

Along comes someone who knows answers to questions the people never dreamed! The force of his convictions is astounding! His followers are hanging on his every word! This man wants to save us all from untold suffering and give us what we didn’t know we could have: Contentment, bliss and permanent joy.

The power of religion then was something no man could deny. To imagine the emotion those uneducated peoples preached to must have felt is staggering.

Had I been one of them my respect for religion would have been absolute. I imagine that my faith would make me feel I was seeing ‘clearly’ for the first time. That we as a people had a purpose. Glorious and powerful. Addictive in it’s zeal.

But it wasn’t the truth. It isn’t ultimately good for humanity. It segregated people who refused or didn’t ‘fit’ with an individual god’s ‘plan’ and for every person filled with that ecstacy-like joy there are others who suffer needlessly.

Humans may still crave, need and strive for those feelings now. But don’t turn to lies for it. It poisons us all.

If you want power and might; may I suggest a ManOwaR concert?

(entire rant thanks to #NameAnAmazingBand trending on Twitter – and in dire need of spellchecking as written while walking round town with clumsy thumbs on a tiny phone)



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