Alternatives to religion (in progress)

This will be the first post I make where the content may evolve as I gather more information.

My Twitter account @MnemoniXs bas become, depending on my mood; an anonymous place I can ridicule belief, a place for me to vent, and a tool for gathering information on why people believe..

This last is due to the only thing I can’t truly argue with: Doing Good

Obviously doing good whilst propagating an insidiously dangerous doctrine is bad in itself and allows corruption of the mind to continue, but some religious people and non-religious believers are just so infectiously happy that to question their morality feels like ‘kicking a puppy’.

There is always the argument that if they want to do good then their moral reason for doing so shouldn’t be dependant on scripture, dogma, fear of Hell, or indoctrination.. It should be intrinsic to that person.

Then comes the counter that this individual wouldn’t be here if not for their faith. They fall back on a variant of “God rescued me.”

How then do we root out religion and misinformation whilst helping these people when they are at that critical moment in their lives when they turn to religion?

Many charities and organisations exist to help people in need of emotional or physical help but almost all that you see advertised or lauded by the community, have serious religious influence or underpinning.

One example of this would be To Write Love On Her Arms. Absolutely brilliant community dedicated to helping those with depression, addiction, suicidal tendencies, etc. It is a rock for teenagers in many countries and rightly so. The work they do is amazing..

But there is still the factor of ‘rescue through god’ in a lot of their work. Maybe it’s not the organisation’s intent and it has surfaced because of the type of people who join to help..

If we want to secularise every other aspect of society for the good of humanity then we must not just eradicate it in our education and courts but also in our charitable acts.

This is dangerous. Some people only accept help or start to help themselves when a spiritual element is involved.

We need an alternative. We need to be able to offer these people, in some cases our children something that aids them as much as the comfort that religion or belief does.

What is that alternative?

I don’t know.

I encourage everyone to ask of the people you talk to, debate, mock or interrogate; what made them turn to god?

I think that we need to truly understand the moment that belief in a god seems like a good idea to the mind in order to find out what we can offer that is just as helpful. We need to help in a way that isn’t going to contribute to a system that ultimately causes so much hate, violence and inequality.

We need to adopt the doctor’s approach. Do no harm.


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