The greater good.

One thing I often see commented back to me and as an argument to other atheists is ‘but look at all the people on the verge of suicide who are saved by the hope that religion gives them‘ or words to that effect.

If we took a long term look at the problem and calculated the deaths from religious hatred versus the deaths from lack of religious interference (please comment if you have seen any studies on this to affirm or deny the following if you have access to some) then wouldn’t we logically deduce that it would be in the greater good to remove religion?

It sounds harsh, cold and detached to make that decision, but doctors and presidents make these kinds of decisions all the time. Isn’t it time humanity decided to do the right thing.

Obviously this is a simplistic observation. It doesn’t for example take into account the current trend of overpopulation.
Also I’m sure someone will point out that the vacuum created by the removal of religious hatred will surely allow room for some other atrocious ways of thinking to surface, but if we replace religious ideals with secular ones then, scientifically, the need for inequality is reduced to very minor circumstances of biological or aptitude-basis.

But I welcome comments on this as I’m sure it’s bound to be seen as controversial and uncaring with regard to individual needs of the ones who would suffer as a result 😉


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