Faith vs Religion.

There’s a neo-christian movement I’m seeing, of those who claim to not be religious, but to follow christ’s message and feel godly.

If this is going the way I think then we are heading towards a grouping of peoples who don’t agree with any particular religion, but are still deluded enough to believe there is a god (and let’s not deny an individual’s right to believe whatever nonsense they like as long as it does no harm) and have found some reconciliation with that in the dubious but mostly positive example set out in the myths surrounding jesus.

This is something I have very little problem with if it is used, as purported by the movement’s advocates as a force for good.
“Hey this guy said let us be nice to each other for a change. What a novel idea.” is a fine observation.
But please do take a look at where these stories come from and realise that taking those stories to be the literal truth of what happened, is absurd and unfounded. By all means have a book of how to be a decent human if you can’t be without one, but leave the metaphysical out of it for the rest of us.

Your fear of an unsubstantiated Hell holds no terror for those of us with the will to see religion for the agenda driven hate machine that it truly has been and continues to be today.

If you separate your version of christianity from religious practice then you must see this yourself. So also accept that the bible was put together by the church.


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2 Responses to Faith vs Religion.

  1. kip says:

    You’re right, Vn…, (V)nemm…, whatever!
    (You’ll have to explain that name someday)

    • (V)nemoni)(s says:

      (V)nemoni)(s / MnemoniXs
      It was a name I started using many years ago. A mnemonic being a way of remembering a series of letters for spelling etc. But no one seems to be able to remember how to spell it (or pronounce it for that matter) 🙂
      ..seemed funnier back in the 90s

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