I don’t have faith in a god


Given our precipitous place not just in terms of our social problems but also in economic concerns, on our planet in general, it’s position in the solar system and even with a view to our galaxy inevitability interacting with another one heading inexorably closer to ours.. No one should ever imagine it will be easy.

I can appreciate the consolation felt by believing that maybe everything is out of our hands. It’s something I’ve always avoided, I ask ‘why?’ when other people accept the given.
I have found solace from grief not through wistful hope of immortal souls which continue after death, but in acknowledgment of the staggeringly amazing fact that we are here in the first place. The mathematically improbability of my being here with such capacity to be writing this now, to be able to read literature of such fantastic scope and imagination as to drive me to tears of joy, laughter or melancholy.. for this world of wonders to exist at all is consolation enough. The people I have known who have passed, existed for however brief a time and almost no time at all relatively, but did so much in their time purely in terms of sentient thought if nothing else. It is wonderful and beautiful and enough.

You speak of miracles.. I have witnessed things which left me breathless with awe, but nothing I would label numinous. The notion of consciousness can be described as transcendental but the mechanism behind it is obvious and quantifiable.

Both of my daughters we’re born very premature. One I didn’t get to see born, whilst healthy when I got to see her, was nonresponsive on delivery. I was grateful the doctors had done their obvious best to give her the necessary treatment to give her life.
The other I was able to witness being born. Like her sister she was delivered unresponsive. I saw her tiny blue body taken quickly to a small trolley unit with many pieces of equipment nearby. I had to comfort her mother whilst cold and terrified myself. The doctors worked urgently for what felt like hours but could only have been a few short minutes. My mind was numb, I couldn’t bring myself to consider the two obvious outcomes. I put all my effort into remaining as calm as possible to reassure the woman who’s hand I was holding who worked so hard to bring these children into the world safely. If I had acted hysterical surely it would have impeded the ability of the doctors to work at their most efficient rate and I would likely not have been allowed to remain.
After the longest minutes of my life the crowd of doctors and nurses parted to allow a nurse to bring a swaddled pink baby to see me then whisk her amazingly alive features off to an incubation unit for monitoring and stabilisation.

Having two essentially dead daughters alive is the most miraculous thing I’ve encountered. But at no point did I ask a god to help. The thought never crossed my mind. They are alive because of the amazing work of people and the scientific understanding of biology.

Other people may have faith in a higher power, but I perceive none.


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