Big Bang, without god

Whilst it’s true we cannot examine the big bang directly, we can ascertain what happened through the evidence around us.

Scientists have been looking for the cause of everything they observe for longer than they have been called ‘scientists’.

Many scientists have been religious yet they kept searching for the mechanisms that are active in our universe, whether to find evidence of god or irrelevant of a god, purely to find out how stuff happens.

As we looked further afield with astronomy and cosmology we looked closer with ideas like quanta and atoms.
In most cases larger objects obey Newtonian physics, gravity and time etc, while only the smallest display attributes of quantum physics, quantum entanglement, etc.

As we rewind the history of the universe and make conclusions about the rapid expansion known as the big bang we find the two fields of physics becoming very interconnected. The massive amounts of matter in the universe occupying a smaller amount of relative space is a staggering idea. Obviously it wasn’t in the form of heavy elements and planets we think about today which have coalesced into, from and inside stars. It was still a lot of stuff to be in such a small space, this brings with it a slowing down of relative time to the point where, at the very beginning there was no time at all.

This is where we lose all ability to conceptualise and have to fall back on mathematics and models arising from quantum mechanics.

To further compound the problems of visualising these events we also have to take into account dark matter / energy. The amount of which created at the big bang is the same as the amount of matter / energy of the type we are used to dealing with. Whilst this makes visualisation difficult, it makes more sense of things from the mathematical point of view.

If dark matter/energy is the inverse equal of the matter/energy in the universe, then the universe has a zero sum beginning. A flawed metaphor would be a £1000 bank loan; you have £1000 and the bank has -£1000. It equates to nothing but both sides have something quantifiable.

If there was no time for anything to have been caused, and no net gain from the event, then the idea of a creator becomes pointless.

It is still somewhat of a mystery how all this occurs and how the present state of the universe with all it’s laws physics etc actualises but that is a study that will continue for a very long time. The fact that we have gone all the way back to the beginning of the universe without finding the need for a god does not rule one out, but speaks to me of a lack of any need to insert one without reason other than vain hope or fear that this is all pointless. To me, 13.77 billion years of random events culminating in us here, now is a series of events to be marvelled at, awed and inspired by.

Let’s see what else we can learn and do before our time here ends.

..and be happy. You’re lucky to be alive 🙂


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