Ad Nauseam

“@AmadeoAlex: @GodlessAccount @Gorooble @MnemoniXs you fail to account for reality, origin, life, morals, rationality, logic, meaning, purpose, destiny.”

This is the kind of drivel I hear from the schools of William Lane Craig etc.

In these cases the person spouting said nonsense will not accept that these aren’t the result of ‘god’ nothing you can say will result in them reading, accepting or even entertaining your response.


The thing you have a problem with because your belief bias insists that ‘god did it’.

Of what?..
The universe? We know about as much as we can know given time/distance from the initial expansion and none of it ‘points to god’
Life? Replicating chain molecules are the simplest thing we can reduce the evolution of life down to. They are logical, consistent and naturally occurring.

From non-life this is shown above. The complex systems you see around you all had such humble beginnings. There is natural progression through stages of accumulation of material into cell structures, multicellular bodies, adaptation, predation and natural selection culminating in the emergent property of your consciousness, which you then use to completely dismiss evidence.

Are a social construct. Herd behavior coupled with empathy and development of community means that there are subjective ethical behaviors in different cultures. Where these moral convictions compliment each other is where you find your objective moral ‘truths’ which are universal only to the societies in which they are held.

A result of consciousness. Itself an emergent property of neurobiochemistry modified by environment.

Both a product of conscious thought and something you have a problem with.

There is no intrinsic meaning but that which we make for ourselves.

See meaning.

An idea stemming from presuppositions of guiding forces, which is foundless…

So, unless you have anything real..
I’ll leave it there.


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