Historians validate Jesus.. In no way whatsoever




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10 Responses to Historians validate Jesus.. In no way whatsoever

  1. Yes, the longer of the two statements from Josephus’ Antiquities is universally (essentially) agreed to be largely, if not entirely a Christian interpolation. The smaller of the two is also believed to be an interpolation, but both sides have valid points, so it’s still open to debate. The date, however, is unquestionable. Therefore, the account can be nothing more than hearsay.

    Tacitus, who refers to Jesus as “Christos”, wrote so far after the supposed events that it was certainly derived from second or third-hand knowledge — at best. Also, Christos is not a proper name. Moreover, Tacitus refers to Pilate as a Procurator, which was the common title in Tacitus’ day, but not of Pilate’s; as evidenced by the Pilate stone, discovered in the 1960’s, he was a prefect. Therefore, his testimony was clearly not derived from official archives.

  2. john zande says:

    I consider the entire TF a forgery.

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