“This is heaven. Why should I let you in?”

Okay, so for this next question just please assume that there is an afterlife. It’s hypothetical.

Let’s assume that after you die you find out that there really is an afterlife and you find yourself at the gates of heaven. An angel at the gate greets you and says,
“This is heaven. Why should I let you in?”

How would you answer the question?”

I find this hypothetical situation easy to answer but for a variety of reasons.

My response to this apparent angel would be:

“Why should I want to come in?”

On the surface it may seem an arrogant response and I admit that it affords some level of smugness I can’t deny, but the logic behind it is sound.

For starters I know nothing of this heaven.
Is it the islamic heaven where inequality and submission by women (virgins) still holds?
Is it the christian heaven where I’m expected to worship a vile, brutal god because he demands it?
Is it only “heaven” from the point of view of the guy in charge?
Is it OPM’s heaven? (i.e. a half-pipe)

Is it a heaven where I am being judged on this one question?
Can anyone get in with a clever answer or just one example of a good deed or will my whole life be weighed, and what will the answer to that say about the people already inside?
If the god performing the judgement is a moral one he would see my reasons for denying the claims of his followers.. That may even be the test for all I know. Did I blindly believe and follow potentially false teachings just to save my own ass or did I lead a good life of my own accord?

Is it a closed heaven once I’m in?
Can I ever leave or will I be a prisoner?

If I’m being offered the choice then what is the alternative and how much better/worse is that alternative for me/anyone/everyone?

Even if these nuances of my question are answered to the extent that I would desire to say yes, I still have nothing to base a belief that I am not being deceived, either by this self-declared angel of god, or by my senses..
So the final decision of entry (assuming from the question that I do indeed have a choice if I meet the requisite ethical standards) is hampered by further considerations.


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