Stupid questions

A response to Twitter user @PeterWoodcock58 on his link

“10 questions for atheists”

Question 1. How do you know there is no God?

Only Gnostic Atheists tend to assert that there is no god. Agnostic Atheists would say there is no way to be 100% sure given that claims of god(s) rely on the idea being noumenal, i.e. that we cannot know.
Given that there is no way to disprove something by dint of not being able to prove it isn’t real then the question is moot. Most people are familiar with Russell’s Teapot but if not I suggest reading up on it as a way of expressing how silly an idea theistic claims are.

Question 2. Where did everything come from?

I have written many posts and blogs on this subject but you didn’t say questions for “scientists” you said “atheists” so I’m going to answer as one:
Where did your posited god supposedly come from?
If your answer is “he was always there, he is eternal” and that is good enough for you, then I will cut out the middle man and submit that the underlying reality that can result in matter arising from the quantum laws in our universe were also “always there” and that should be good enough for you. If not then you need to reevaluate your faith in claims about God.
If you did indeed want a scientific answer then please read my other blogs.

Question 3. Why are there human beings?

“Why”? This is a malformed question. For the purposes of answering I will assume you meant “How”.
Via environmental conditions, social grouping and evolution we have reached the state we are now and will continue to change. Just like everything else.

Question 4. What is the point of life?

Whatever you make of it. There are certain biological imperatives and psychological drives that compel us toward certain purposes but no need to posit an overarching ‘purpose’ via a god figure without first successfully positing the god in question.

Question 5. What is a person?

An embodied unique personality.

Question 6. Why was Hitler wrong?

Emphasis on the ‘wrong’ rather than the ‘why’?
Empathy and socially driven moral/ethical frameworks.

Question 7. Why are you scared of death?

Most people aren’t scared of death unless they think they might suffer afterwards. Being scared of dying however is much more reasonable as it is usually painful or includes an amount of unbearable suffering.

Question 8. Why do people need to believe in God?

They don’t. If they did we all would. Evidently we don’t.

Question 9. What is the Bible?

A book. Even the name means ‘book’.
Whilst certain places and events within can be corroborated, the amount of disinformation makes it too erroneous to take seriously. Also there is no validation of claims of divinity found in the bible so there is no need for the next question

Question 10. Who is Jesus?

If he existed then the evidence would make him just a man.
You may be tempted to submit the eye witness testimony in the bible proves his divinity but without outside verification and with the knowledge that eye witness testimony is the most unreliable type of evidence (Loftus et al.) I say this is a meaningless statement and once again refer you to my previous blog posts.

Well. That was a waste of time..

Anyone else?


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2 Responses to Stupid questions

  1. john zande says:

    I think you summed that all up very nicely.

  2. (V)nemoni)(s says:

    I think I’m tired of people regurgitating the same old silly reasons for belief. How can we educate the world when there’s still people peddling this stuff as fact without being reprimanded for it?

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