Is islam the answer?

So I’ve been looking into Islam to see if there’s any new insights as to why people believe in theistic world views and have been treated to wonderful new arguments for the existence of a divine supernatural being in control of the universe and I now believe that I should worship Allah in the hopes I will not be punished eternally
.. never mind. It’s exactly the same arguments as we get from Christian apologetics.

But, this is a new year..
So let’s recap by summarising all the arguments and rebuttals in one place!

You can’t say God isn’t real just because you haven’t seen/touched him.

So essentially we’re dealing with the evidence argument.

i.e. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Absolutely! I agree here entirely.

However; when divine claims are presented but do not fit with well evidenced fields of study such as contemporary
..then it seems the basis for the claims is foundless.
Personally I’m of the view that;

Lack of reason to believe
is pretty good reason
not to believe.

Who made the moon? The stars? The sun?
Who made you and all the things in the universe?

So.. The argument from design.
i.e. All designed/complex/ordered things have a designer, therefore all things must have an initial designer/order-maker.

Also put forward in such ways as
“have you ever seen a Boeing 747 assemble itself randomly out of spare parts?”
and similar versions of
This can’t all be random chance.

Well I hate to be the one to break it to you but
I don’t think the order we see today just randomly popped into existence.
That’s what creationism purports..

So what do we understand about order?
It can come from systems.

Introduce rules and order arises.
Mix gravel in a bucket of water and allow to settle..
The heavier parts follow the rules of gravity and settle to the bottom, the lighter parts also follow the rules and settle over a longer period, ending up on the top.
Order from chaos, without intelligent design!

The universe started out very simple.
It has had a very long to get to now..

Gravity affecting distribution, physics effecting changes in composition, chemistry leading to further systems built upon others..

Over a long enough time scale (one verified by quantum mechanics and cosmology) we arrive where we are, again without need to posit an intelligence behind any of it.

Sure, the universe seems oddly suited to our needs..
Or is it rather that we have arisen within a universe with this particular configuration and scope?
The rest of the universe is pretty uninhabitable.. Why would we arise somewhere we couldn’t live?

Why is there something rather than nothing?

This isn’t a different argument to the one above.

We could take a creator and say
Who made him?
To which we often here that there must be an uncaused first cause otherwise you get an illogical infinite regress..
So why do you need a creator?
The universe is not causally in need of a creator. Positing another level of ordering with no evidential basis seems to be a comfort mechanism, a desire to have it all in someone else’s hands.

Besides; nothing is not a comparable state of being.
Where is it?
What properties does it have?
When would it be?
It can’t *be* by definition. So what is it you’re asking for us to compare here?

If you mean matter then it has long been understood that matter arises from the resolution of quantum fluctuations. Particles arise, interact, actualise, interact some more, share forces..
Another system based on another.

Just like..


I think. That makes me more than just a system of chemical interactions!

We’ve seen how systems can be emergent from other systems. It is a demonstrable fact that our consciousness, our thoughts, our ability to reason and process sensory input, to create things with our imaginations.. is based on neurobiochemistry.
i.e. Change the potential of the brain, limit it’s chemical interaction or connections, and it doesn’t react the same.
If the mind is an emergent property, it cannot also be a separate entity.
There is no evidence for a soul or spirit except figuratively in the sense of the uniqueness of an individual.
All functions cease at braindeath.

This makes our lives here even more special!

Rather than living a life presupposing an afterlife and someone governing it, wondering what that governor wants you to act like before you meet him incase he doesn’t like you and may have the power to make you unhappy once you’re no longer bound to your body..
Realise that there is no reason to worry!
Yes death is the end.
Doesn’t that make you want to make this life more worthwhile?

Evolution, in both biological terms and social, has embued us with imperatives and drives and the ability to both be happy, and to suffer.

Why not live to help alleviate suffering in others? We feel. We empathise. We survive as a society because we survived in groups thanks to empathy and collective moral actions.

We don’t give that up just because there’s no boogieman, no celestial dictator giving you the rules.

When you’re told what “god” wants from you, first ask where this information came from.
Can the source be verified?

The answer is invariably no because scientific discovery has reduced the fallible perceptions of men to be just that; perceptions.

No real proof, evidence, or even hint of god(s) has been found.

All claims have come to naught.

Live for yourself and better the society you’re in.

Most “divine” rule books contain unfounded moral directions and ideas; like men/women, heterosexuals/homosexuals, people with genetic predispositions for differing melatonin levels, etc, not being equal in rights, potential and intelligence!
Why must we suffer the consequences of that type thinking when there is no basis for it?

We don’t have to have to live in a divisive and needlessly hurtful world.

We can work together better without the lies..


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2 Responses to Is islam the answer?

  1. john zande says:

    Awesome post. I think i’ll be referring back to this quite regularly. Great work.

  2. you may have overlooked this, understandably, but humans will strive for love, peace, and harmony all on their own without the need for a god or holy book. The problem is not to start living truthfully and help he world around us, it is to stop living the lies and believing in a god.

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