Genesis is literally wrong.

What you believe is inconsequential to the facts.

Whilst science doesn’t ‘prove’ things
what it does do very well is
eliminate what isn’t true.

If you want a ‘proof’ of why the biblical account of creation isn’t true then firstly I would suggest you look up “Burden Of Proof”
(i.e. It’s the claims in Genesis that require evidence, something wholly lacking) and secondly I would point out that
every single field of study that has
any bearing on our being where and when we are now in the universe
be it cosmology, chemistry, physics, palaeontology, philology, etc.. conclude that the description of ‘creation’ in the bible is absurdly inaccurate.

If the very first claim in the bible is so hilariously wrong, what does that say about the validity of the rest of the texts?


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One Response to Genesis is literally wrong.

  1. john zande says:

    The 1st Council of Nicaea blundered terribly in keeping the OT and all it’s nonsense. Lesson No. 1 of starting a new religion: write your own creation myth.

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