The end of patience.

I do need to calm down.
I’m just so sick of it all;
Sick of the lies,
the threats,
the fearmongering,
the acceptance by people who won’t question a reassuring/comforting notion in case it pops some mental bubble.

Religious institutions stand proud
rolling in money extracted through fear
thinking themselves immune
because we let them be.

Religion poisons society
holds back our sciences
dares to dictate morality
fearmongering it’s way
into the minds & hearts of our children..

Religion has become a giant protected by the very humanism it fears..

We fight religion with words
we use science to show it’s errors
philosophy to show it’s fallacies
but still it stands..
ideological but wrong
in so many ways

If we want to stop religion
..truly stop it..
Education is the key
but we need more than that..

“Militant atheism” might be a joke
Militant anti-theism however..
I’m one step away from
in the anger of my heart

Religion stands because we let it
We give it tax breaks..
We protect it’s self-declared rights..
Tear it down.

The churches pay no taxes? Then it does not dictate state affairs, it does not warrant state protection .

The churches.
The stand full of JW terrorism leaflets..
It’s people have rights
It’s structures and ideas do not.

Take back the minds of our children
Withdraw the protection by the people
Religion has no place in society
It will fall
It ends here.

Church billboards insult us with impunity.
..and we can not touch them?
By what right do they claim
the right to promote fear?

It’s evangelists are also it’s victims.
But there is a point at which the kid-gloves come off.

You tell me directly
or dare to infer
for non-belief
for not following suit
for disobedience?
You are attempting to threaten me.
You are a terrorist
and I will not accept that quietly.


2017 Addendum:


Its followers are sheep, packed in pens being given lullabies of reassuring noises from pulpits of hypocrisy.

Its children take the books they’re told are true, and act accordingly. 

My country is under attack by morons who take words from erroneous fantasy stories, and use them to validate taking the lives of those whom their preachers whisper deserve it. 

I don’t have everyone with me I need to protect, and my country hurls itself deeper into the jaws of that which we need protecting from.

I still feel education is the solution, but how can we educate people when critiquing the silly books and the people who tout them, is protected against *with hate laws*?


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