Humans; Monkeys or Apes or Hominids?

I know, I know.. Humans are apes.
This is obvious.

Then there’s this* pointing out that “ape” isn’t a proper scientific term.


So we must be hominoids.

But I feel this is merely a linguistic problem not a categorical one.
The real problem with the above is that we are monkeys, as Aron Ra points out in this video:

Turns out we DID come from monkeys!

This is difficult as morphology would tell us we are not monkeys, nor are we still fish.

So each case seems to stand by itself.
We are Apes,
we are also monkeys,
but scientifically (and specifically)
we are hominids.

..which if you trace the root of the word means simply we are “us”, which seems to be a rather pointless statement.

So to avoid confusion, I suggest we stick to Apes as a common term for us hominids, accept that apes are monkeys, and move on with our lives.



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One Response to Humans; Monkeys or Apes or Hominids?

  1. john zande says:

    This naked ape agrees 🙂

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