Thou shalt not put people on ridiculous pedestals no matter how great they are or were.

Theists often try to discredit the ideas of prominent scientists, philosophers, debaters, and orators by finding some flaw in their personality.

But putting people on pedestals of perfection is a theistic notion.
People aren’t perfect.
But when they say/do/discover something correct then it goes beyond that person. Credit for saying/doing/discovering but that doesn’t mean we think of them as infallible.

The only way I can do this is probably by example and critical review..

Brilliant biologist. Derivative philosopher. Often strawmanned in the press. Fairly boring but makes some good points which need to be said.

Awful comedian. Succinct atheist. A necessary annoyance.

Takes a long time to say the bloody obvious. But at least he’s saying it.

A brilliant mind, capable of so much more had he not been a drunk and a theist. Imagine if he’d not concluded that angels kept the solar system on track..

Terrible person, misguided and twisted. Very good artist.

Whilst his story is mostly fallacious there are nuggets of good in there. He was written as far from perfect, but we can learn lessons from teachings attributed to him, Ghandi, Buddha and many other spiritual philosophers.

Great oratory skills. Brilliant investigative journalism. Occasionally, brazenly, unashamedly hypocritical.
I only discovered him after I became an active atheist and antitheism became something major in my life, but I can understand how he’d be very influential to the burgeoning atheist mind.

The upshot of all this is;
Whilst we may praise certain aspects of people, this does not mean we condone or praise every action or thought of that person. Making someone a hero is tricky. No one is perfect. No one was perfect. Because our measures are what we as individuals consider perfect. Take the good even if that person was bad.
Does Watkins doing the detestable things he did make the Lost Prophets any less musically talented? No.
People can be capable of being good, bad, influential, brilliant, and boring.
Welcome to the diversity of human personality and potential 🙂


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