Deus otiosus

Deus otiosus or “idle god” is a theological concept used to describe a creator god largely retires from the world and is no longer involved in its daily operation,”

If this vaguery of a deity is to be examined then let us examine the work attributed to them.
The universe.

The universe they are posited to have created seems to obey the laws of quantum mechanics.
These laws indicate that a veritable sea of virtual particles are necessarily resolving and decaying constantly in any given space.
Quantum gravity would predict that space-time itself (the reality for quantum mechanical particle/wave/field effect to act in) resolves and collapses. The collapse rate being contingent on the energy within the boundaries of that “universe”, ours being relatively stable due to the balance of energy given the quantities of positive and negative leading to rapid expansion.
If you posit a god as having created a universe in which the behaviour of such is that universes necessarily exist as-is, then you’ve posited a god who’s only accomplishment is to have done absolutely nothing.

Thus we can logically ignore such a posited “god” as self-refuting unless different evidence is brought to bear.


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3 Responses to Deus otiosus

  1. john zande says:

    Oh, I love it!

    Please turn this into a meme.

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