Thoughts on belief.

This debate is by far one of the most stimulating I’ve seen in a while.

“The Refining Reason Debate:
Matt Dillahunty
Sye Ten Bruggencate”

Which is good because I’ve been hungry for a while for something to question my position.
Reevaluating the way I perceive things is something I genuinely welcome. If I ever cut someone off while they attempt to enlighten me, it’s usually because they’ve offered no new insight.
What Matt and Sye have done here is given me pause on the matter of belief, or at least initial assumption.

I often attest that I have no “beliefs” but rather that I only tentatively accept something based on the validity of evidence provided.

If you watch the video you’ll notice Matt very eloquently answering knowledge vs belief questions extremely honestly in a way which Sye seems baffled by. Something Sye takes as reinforcing his belief that his world view is correct because he can’t make sense of the alternatives.

Upon reflection; the beliefs Matt openly and readily confesses to are the assumptions we all make whether we acknowledge them or whether we believe we absolutely know the answer to them (a stance which is never fully justified by Sye but has its simplest explanation in the well documented instances of Confirmation / Belief Bias).

These assumptions come so naturally that when we are not discussing reality as we perceive it, then they are a given.
We assume the universe exists, that we can learn from it etc.
We assume we are not in a Matrix-type simulation nor any brain-in-a-jar scenario, because there is no reason to believe that might be the case given the persistence and reliability of the reality we do perceive.
I would cite Model-Dependent Realism as my own personal benchmark for ascertaining the validity of my perceived reality but in general I go about my daily business with nothing to contradict my experience based on past events.

What we accept as reality is as real as makes no odds.
As a comparison;
Why have a very close approximation of Free Will because the processes involved are so complex that the illusion becomes so complete as to render function on the assumption that we don’t have Free Will to be absurd.


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