Answering vague questions re: belief

“@mad5022: So,what do you thing about life!! Sleep,money,?? Tell me by logic?why you die!! Why you here! Do you have mind”

This may take some dissecting..

“what do you [think](?) about life!! Sleep,money,??”
Life is what we make it.
We are ingrained with purposes and drives given to us by the long arduous process of evolution, both biological and social. We are very complex creatures from a cognitive point of view and have now reached a point were we can not only substitute items for convenience and trade, but we can also articulate, disseminate, and deconstruct hypothetical situations.
This gives us massive scope for choices and fulfilment of seemingly nonsensical desires. The social framework we operate in modulates these continually but we can say for the sake of stating it here; We make our own purpose.

“why you die!!”
Biological necessity. Functionally immortal species won’t reproduce to the population level we have because resources would be gone too early. Our limited longevity allows for sustained reproduction and thereby the diversity we see around us has emerged.

“Why you here[?]”
Why not?

“Do you have mind[?]”
Yes. My cognition is contingent upon the structure and function of my neurology. It is impressively complex and I honour it by using it to question everything I can, learn all I can, make conclusions based upon evidence and reason, educate where I am able, and act in accordance with the model-dependant reality we have established as a scientifically literate society.


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