Vain rant

I prefer the company of people to whom ridiculous ideas are just that.
My friends I choose, not because of their tastes in films etc, but their intelligence when it comes to real life.
I feel an urge to make/keep the world a better place for those I love.
I want the people I consider to be worthy of the immensely improbable life they have, to be able to use it in the least suffering as possible.
But I’m just one person and I feel swamped by the wilful ignorance holding us back from making that a reality for everyone.
Those who I think haven’t attained the level of gratitude for their existence warranted by the extreme improbability of the same, are mostly victims of those who didn’t know better but thought they did.
Everyone is capable of being a benefit to society, we need to make sure that the mental and social oppression that perpetuates itself is ended by the much needed application of education in all fields of study, the eradication of education being blocked or misused by presuppositional, confirmation biased, epistemically unsound, scientifically foundless wishful thinking.


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The views and opinions expressed here are purely my own. I am not affiliated with and business or political body. All content is either my own work, items in the public domain, or items used under the terms of Fair Usage for criticism, commentary, or education purposes. (Also; only a fool would take anything posted on here seriously.)
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One Response to Vain rant

  1. I’m much the same. I prefer the company of intelligent people. I like people who can hold conversations on important issues, people who actually care about those issues.

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