Why quote your holy book?

People who have belief often fall back to the bible when asked to validate their faith.

The problem they encounter then is that scriptures weren’t designed to convert atheists. They were written and distributed at a time when being an atheist was unthinkable. Everyone (with very few exceptions) was given to understand that there was a controlling entity. So when faced with testimony, given with passion denoting truth, describing the interaction of that deity with miracles and the careful application of postdiction.. it seemed to make sense. Why would you doubt it?

By this virtue it thrived. But now we have a much better understanding of how to learn from the world around us. We have better tools for inspection. We have more rigorous standards and sound philosophies.

The context of the history of holy texts precludes the inclusion of anything scientific.
So when you try to convert people now, you’re fighting educated minds.
Those you do convert have already had that belief bias nurtured, either at home, with friends, or through poor education (whether purposeful or by chance).

The world is rapidly becoming less gullible.
The knowledge we have accumulated is globally accessible.

To be honest. The words in holy scriptures, do not stand up to scrutiny of any kinds. They aren’t worth the paper I wipe them on.


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