Flood myth.


So apparently flood myths have greater exoplanitary power.

On the scientific side we have a reasonable period of time (evidenced by radiometric dating etc) for all the effects we see to occur within.
No evidence to the contrary.

On the creation side we have a truncated time scale in which to propose that every thing which doesn’t fit the model is done by magic.
Magic performed by an intelligence which somehow did not arise via a gradual evolutionary biological process (assumedly via magic too?).

Preservation of fossils is tricky. The best way is via a rapid sealing of the matter in order for decay to be minimised. Thus most well preserved fossils will be of this type. To infer that because there aren’t many not of this type, that not many animals died in other ways, and then to say the lack of fossils is a puzzle.. is sheer wilful ignorance and bias.

My main questions would be;
Where is the flood myth from?
Where did the water come from?
then I would ask for validation for both.


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