People aren’t perfect but ideas can be. #Christmas

If this Christmas you lose your faith in the historical truth of the bible, don’t feel that a message of love is any less valuable.

The lack of another life after this one doesn’t diminish the good that can be done. If anything, only having this life to do and be the best we can, means we should strive that much harder.

People aren’t the ideas we attach to them. People aren’t perfect. Sometimes ideas are attached to people who weren’t the originators. Sometime we attach an idea to someone who never existed in the way we thought.

The Lost Prophets made good music.
Hitler drew some pictures which weren’t too terrible.
Even if Jesus didn’t really tell us to love our neighbours, the inspiration can still be held on to.
Prometheus didn’t bring us the ability to make fire, but we can still take it as the gift it is.
Ricky Gervais is a terrible comedian but a brilliant activist.

Ideas can be better than the place they came from.

Love to all this Saturnalia.
Whatever your traditions, celebrate the ways we can make each others lives better, not just once a year, but all year round.

Merry christmas


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