Christianity from where I’m sitting.

To take a queue from AronRa;

The bible is not a historical document. It contains many things which haven’t been established to be true (unicorns, dragons, talking serpents, etc) and many other things which have been disproven (Adam and Eve etc).

With so much going against it I find it baffling that anyone does take it seriously, but then I know that it espouses the idea that faith comes first.

Christianity has many barbaric and unethical things within its writings (condoned slavery, inequality of women, threat of infinite punishment for finite deeds, etc) but has been tempered by secularisation of our global society. Indeed if we were still crusading as a collective called “Christendom” then we couldn’t function as the world we are today.

It has been pushed into a corner where only faith and ignorance remain. The faith here being trust in things demonstrably wrong means that all is should take to change the minds of Christians is evidence. Yet here we are still holding on to the old superstitions..

One day the chain of indoctrination will be broken by a generation willing to fully embrace the universe as it is, unadorned by mysticism yet a million times more amazing than any bible has yet described.


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