What you’re arguing against is not evolution.

What you’re arguing against is not evolution, no matter what Ken Ham, Hovind & son, Kirk Cameron, and Ray Comfort have told you.

I’m sometimes unfortunate enough to come across the victims of ignorance saying very uneducated things like:

“What use is half an eye?”
“How would a wing-stub be advantageous?”

Do we find fossils of creatures with half-grown versions of modern morphology?

We find similar features in various stages of adaptation rather than development.

A wing.
A wing with unfused wing fingers.
A feathered arm.
An arm.

What we’re being asked for is fossils following some kind of embryonic development.

A wing.
A shorter wing.
A useless wing-stub.
A stub.

This is why we can’t have Pegasus.
Because what is being asked for is not evidence of evolution but of an ignorant mythical version of evolution perpetuated by those who want to sell you religion.


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2 Responses to What you’re arguing against is not evolution.

  1. iDikko says:

    Haha, they try 😉

  2. john zande says:

    But the crocodoodle is real, isn’t it?

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