#Evolution Skeptics: Why we can’t give you what you want

You’ve been taught to ask for examples of one “kind” changing into another “kind” and of transitional species with fully formed pieces from two different “kinds”.

This is not only impossible, but goes against what evolution does, although it’s been sold to you in a way which fits the overly simplified primary school education on evolution.

For example; Man came from monkeys.
This can be twisted to make you envision monkeys giving birth to humans, which is absurd because we don’t see animals giving birth to other animals, right?
Of course it’s absurd. It’s absurd because we are still monkeys.
Sure we look different. Both us and capuchin monkeys have varied substantially since whatever our common ancestor was around 42.6 million years ago.* That ancestor would have been classified as a monkey, but didn’t one day just start birthing humans and capuchin monkeys on a whim.

Slight variations, as we see today with offspring, still recognisably the same “kind” as their parents were born and went off to start their own families. The genetic diversity which comes from separation and time adds up to the changes you see today. Whilst the “kind” may have changed, it’s not from one turning into another, it’s variations and adaptations cumulatively mounting up until a species is different enough from its ancestor millions of years ago for a new classification to be required. We’re still a monkey, just a different kind of monkey thanks to lots of tiny amounts of variation.

Each of the offspring between then and now was a stage of transition. The ones that are lucky enough to be fossilised give us intermediary stages of change. Larger cranial cavities, weaker jaws, etc. But never something half monkey, half human.. because that doesn’t happen, each stage is only subtly different from its parent.

Sometimes drastic changes happen. Mutation rate increases in smaller, isolated groups with greater inbreeding and less population to dilute the change. But again we wouldn’t see a hybrid of two species because that’s not possible by the process.

In order to understand why “evolution is a myth” it requires a look at what you’re asking for. If what you’re being taught evolution is, isn’t really evolution, then what is it you are denying?





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