@TekThatEnglish’s response to video “No evidence for God?” by Sacerdotus -Hosted by @MnemoniXs

Here is the video if you want to watch:

Firstly the video could be dismissed as a non sequitur because I asked for evidence of agency, but this video starts off with the premise that Atheists say no evidence for God means there’s no God.

I should like to make clear that
No evidence for God, simply means no evidence.
This does not mean there is no God, but without evidence one cannot validate a posited entity.
If evidence is presented but does not survive attempted validation/falsification, it cannot be used to validate a posited entity.

Second; why do you feel the Universe makes less sense from a materialistic point of view, given that matter and energy are interchangeable, and field theories explain interactions?

Third; questions like ‘Why did the Universe form us the way we are?’ are malformed in that they presuppose agency. “How” is more appropriate.

Forth; why wouldn’t gravity pull equally in three dimensions? Only by not doing so would we see trapezoidal planets etc. (although some asteroids are misshapen because they lack enough total mass to collapse further into a regular shape).

Sources required for;
baffling black hole.


@Sacerdotus You linked* me this video in response to my request** for evidence of agency. By 6:31 it only drivels on in a boring extention of “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”.
I’ll continue this after the weekend.




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