Why isn’t Hypothetitheism as valid as any real religion?


It is claimed that revelation from gods cannot be tested. Ergo it is the last vestige, weak and circular though it is, of the “truth” of belief in divine powers.

I propose that within Hypothetitheism, God (the hypothetical one actual true god) revealed to a human, that all other religious doctrines are false.

Why shouldn’t the revelation of Hypothetitheism be just as valid as (if not; more than) any other given claim of divine revelation?

Give me valid reasons why the revelation of Hypothetitheism isn’t valid.

This is essentially one of the points of Pastafarianism etc but I wanted the only “evidence” I am presented with nowadays to have a consise response.

Processing Rebuttals;
I will not simply name a logical fallacy when presented with an argument, but I will explain how any poor argument functions as fallacious logic.
E.g. Positing the relatively low number of believers does not indicate the validity of belief in either direction.


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7 Responses to Why isn’t Hypothetitheism as valid as any real religion?

  1. john zande says:

    I’m a little confused. What is the challenge?

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