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If you don’t deny what you call “microevolution” then there’s nothing scientific stopping you accepting the Theory of Evolution.

If you accept “microevolution” then unless you contest both Time and Genetic Isolation you accept “macroevolution” If you think “macroevolution” is species suddenly giving birth to other species then you’re arguing a strawman. A species must give birth to the … Continue reading

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If humans aren’t primates; which part doesn’t describe you? [in progress]

Whilst Linnaean taxonomy has been built on and corrected to breaking point whilst leaving behind distracting words which used to include species which can’t be genetically grouped like “Reptile”, phylogenetic taxonomy is both easier and better suited to organising our … Continue reading

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I believe in Fine Tuning.. Sort of:

Fine tuning is the result of restrictions and requirements. For our universe to have specifically us in observing it at this very moment, it would need to be fine tuned with the exact properties it has. Any other tuning would … Continue reading

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Need an uncaused first cause?

They seem to think it’s their best argument so here you go; For the purpose of argument I’ll grant that something of finite duration requires an infinite first cause because infinite regression goes against common reason (also I’ll note that … Continue reading

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Kalam Does Not Imply God

It seems I’m destined to answer the old arguments* again and again. Take the Cosmological Argument** for example. Quite a simple argument: Premise 1: Everything which begins to exist has a cause Premise 2: The universe began to exist Conclusion: … Continue reading

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[In Progress] Questions from a “moon hoax” proponent

When someone who ignores evidence sends a list of questions they consider difficult to answer, I can’t seem to resist answering them; 1. Direction is relative so this is a malformed question. Since we orientate ourselves with our feet “down” … Continue reading

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