[In Progress] Questions from a “moon hoax” proponent

When someone who ignores evidence sends a list of questions they consider difficult to answer, I can’t seem to resist answering them;


1. Direction is relative so this is a malformed question. Since we orientate ourselves with our feet “down” on the ground and our heads “up” away from the ground, and the moon is always above the ground then “up” is the least nonsensical answer to this.

2. I don’t see how this question serves any useful purpose. It sounds like a “gotcha” question so go ahead and explain your “gotcha” moment. You don’t need my input to tell me why you think the assumed answer will be wrong.

3. Traditionally by burning fuel for propulsion.

4. Why?

5. Depends on the orbital trajectory.

6. Would you also ask that I ignore air resistance?

7. Considering that’s not my conclusion, this question is malformed.

8. Depends on the orbital trajectory.

9. Depends on your velocity.

10. Why wouldn’t it be? Relative to what?

11. No.

12. “Look like”? Irrelevant.

13. Not relative the to garage.

14. Yes. Why wouldn’t it?

15. Yes. Why wouldn’t it?

16. 75,000 miles.

17. No starting point given.

18. Question contains the answer.

19. How does my awareness affect facts?

20. No.

21. Redundant question. Gravity would still affect you wherever you were in the universe. How much should be the question.

22. Why would it need to?

23. Yes. This leading question doesn’t go anywhere useful though.

24. No.


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