If you don’t deny what you call “microevolution” then there’s nothing scientific stopping you accepting the Theory of Evolution.

If you accept “microevolution”
then unless you contest both
Time and Genetic Isolation
you accept “macroevolution”

If you think “macroevolution” is species suddenly giving birth to other species then you’re arguing a strawman.

A species must give birth to the same species or the offspring won’t have anything to reproduce with.
i.e. “same kind”

Ring species illustrate how isolation begets speciation. Not suddenly, but as a consequence of accumulation of mutations.

The distant ancestors we share with monkeys were basal to both, not some frankenstein mixture of evolved traits.

Instead of saying “we evolved from monkeys/apes”, it’s more correct to say that Primates have traits of this common ancestor.

Sure we and monkeys have diverged, hence the differences. But this wasn’t an “addition of information”, just accrued mutations.

If you think the transition from sea to land is impossible then take a moment to appreciate the timescale involved.

Why couldn’t creatures like this* evolve either way from here?



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