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Homeopathy Summary

A recent paper* once again confirmed that Homeopathy doesn’t work. * Not that this needed another look but at least we can’t say we haven’t tried. If it did work we could then justify asking questions like “what’s the mechanism … Continue reading

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How can Jesus be the messiah when he didn’t fulfil the prophecies?

Aside from the small detail that he wasn’t a descendent of David, there are many prophecies relating to the messiah which which the Bible attempts to negate by adding new prophecies. How these new ones supercede the old is never … Continue reading

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Authority. A Guest Piece by @TakeThatLogic

When you cite a source that is not your own research, you’re appealing to the work of others to support the claim you propose. This appeal to the knowledge, observation, or conclusion of another person or persons, implies that some … Continue reading

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Still not “god”

I don’t, but I could grant; Free Will Souls Afterlife Objective Morality Power Of Prayer Near Death Experience Resurrection etc and none of them, even together, would come close to proving a god or gods exist. The problem is the … Continue reading

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Colour/Gender Nonchalance/Ambivalence

Racism is perpetuated in modern social media. Until your skin tone is brought up as a topic it is entirely irrelevant to how I feel about you. However, if you’ve been targeted because of your skin tone by people of … Continue reading

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Evolution vs Thermodynamics

“The 2nd law of thermodynamics disproves evolution, therefore God!” is brilliantly stupid. It’s so very stupid because it’s wrong in more than one way. Firstly it ignores the big yellow thing in the sky pumping out energy which powers life … Continue reading

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