Evolution vs Thermodynamics

“The 2nd law of thermodynamics disproves evolution, therefore God!”
is brilliantly stupid.

It’s so very stupid because it’s wrong in more than one way.

Firstly it ignores the big yellow thing in the sky pumping out energy which powers life on earth so inefficiently that the overall trend is entirely in accordance with thermodynamics.

Secondly a “trend” doesn’t mean that every instance has to follow lock step.. Our brief period on this earth is so momentary in Cosmological terms that it is negligible against the overall trend which *is* towards entropy.

Thirdly, the reason for the progression of entropy is because of the way we perceive time. I don’t mean causally, I mean that physics doesn’t care which way you point time, the maths still works out. We experience time one way and the entropy correlates that way, hence the law. If we experienced time the other way we’d have the converse law and evolution would still be true, but we’d experience entropy going the other way.

Fourthly; for the purpose of argument let’s temporarily grant that evolution doesn’t follow thermodynamics.. Now what? Where did gods suddenly come into it? You’d still have to explain evolution and all the other evidences we have. None of which are apparently a god wandering around giving any sign of interference in the natural order of things.


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