Dipping my toes into Human Rights


So this was only my first real encounter with someone who seemed to have anything against advocates of men’s rights, normally I spend my time dealing with the religious etc as you can tell from this blog and the preponderance of my Twitter feeds, but as it’s only a sample size of “1” I’m not going to use it as a conclusion.

I just felt compelled to put into words my astonishment that, when someone who professed such confidence that men had rights skewed in their favour already was pressed for an example.. I got a response I’m extremely used to.

i.e. the “go away” response I get from theists who can’t back up their claim.

I’m probably reading too much into the citation of a headache as due reason to leave the conversation.

More research on this is definitely warranted.

I advocate for the rights of all people. As a skeptic I don’t presume that any gender/race/group has a specific advantage over any other in terms of overall rights or asymmetrical discrepancies in such, hence my current research.


Fuck it. He blocked me. Here is a glimpse of the exchange.




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