Hilarious rants by emanuel14486948 in response to @Boing_Flip parody Tweets #follow

These rants by emanuel14486948 in response to the parody account @BoingFwip were so fantastically blinkered that I can’t resist just laying it out for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy šŸ™‚

(I’ve highlighted my favourite bits in bold for my own pleasure)

@emanuel14486948: listen to science when i ask questions and i can prove the earth is spherical or the moon is real

“no you cant, because i can look through a telescope and see a lunar wave, when the hologram updates and moves slightly.
there is a real moon. Its in the bible, but there is another one used to make the earth seem round. And im pretty sure eclipses
Are fake.
you cant prove the earth is a sphere either because you would need a fulk view live video. You will never be able to get that
And if u think u have a full view live video of earth rotating and spherical, its a cgi video.
heres more for you. The sun is close, the moon can be seen over austrailia from nevada, and luminatee all seeing eye pyramid is
the bottom line is flat earth, the two sides are the angle of the suns rays and the eye is the sun.”

@emanuel14486948: i know how to reason. Im smarter than the average man because Evolution makes me so.

“evolution cant make anyone smart btw, its a theory composed of ideas composes of assumptions and likelyhoods.
let my try to explain that. In a way you will understand. Different species cannot mate with one another even though their dna
Is nearly identical, example humans and chimps. A cro magnon or whatever can only mate with another and only produce a cro
Magnon. A caveman can only mate with another cave man and only produce a caveman etc etc. For humans to exist as they do today,
there had to be and adam and eve. Thats the bottom line. There is no arguing with that. You separate a fly from its own species
and change something and the fly adapts a little and is now no longer able to mate with its own species. You cant have a human
Come from a caveman. Dna does not allow it. Dna only allows the same species to mate. Adam and eve were real and they werent two
separately evolved cro magnons of the opposite sex who by chance were able to mate and not create a child that died in its youth
thats also common. Two slightly different species creating children that are stillborn or die early.
Dna corrects errors and does not allow evolution and crossbreeding. And please dont mention a Liger because thats not natural”


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3 Responses to Hilarious rants by emanuel14486948 in response to @Boing_Flip parody Tweets #follow

  1. john zande says:

    emanuel14486948 sounds like Poe’s Law in action.

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