I’m a feminist*. But I’m not your Feminist.

Feminism is: Equal rights for men and women.

That’s Gender Egalitarianism by the way..

Women have all the rights that men have.

Men don’t have all the rights that women have.

Women are paid less than men.

Nowhere I have worked is this true. There’s laws against it.

Women are under-represented.

Everywhere I have worked has equal opportunity rules which only exclude; white men.

i.e. If an employer hires no white men, that’s the only time they won’t get in trouble.

Without introducing men into the equation this will likely create an unfair balance. It’s a good driver of demand for educated women in all areas of work, but where will it end? How can we ever pull the plug without being criticised by the indoctrinated public?

The Patriarchy!

What patriarchy?

There’s more male MPs than women.


We would but; Women don’t want to be MPs because of the Patriarchy.

The clue there is that they have a choice to end the dynamic, yet don’t. the opportunity to become and MP is there. Political education doesn’t take place on men-only golf courses.

The wage ga-

I don’t believe all these lies and biased propaganda you’re spreading which only result in women being placed higher than men.

You have to believe those, because that’s what we believe.

Then I’m not a feminist.

But Feminism is equal rights for men and women. You want that, yes?

Yes. But then you’re not a Feminist.

That’s the No True Scotsman Fallacy! You can’t tell us what we are!

Well then; I’ll go as far as to say that I’m a feminist up until around 2nd Wave theory.

Then you’re a misogynist! 

I thought this was a gender egalitarian movement?

It is.. we want equal rights for men and women. But only women are oppressed.

Show me where.

The Patriarchy!

What Patriarchy?

-Rinse and repeat-

*There are places in the world where the empowerment of women is being oppressed by patriarchal rape cultures who use religion as an excuse to place women beneath them. This is not an accurate description of US/UK. We fixed women’s rights here, how about we fix men’s rights too and use our feminist ideology (i.e. the understanding that women are the more oppressed of the sexes)  in places where it applies. Otherwise you’re just giving extra to an already disproportionately over-“privileged” and over-protected group because of a bias towards believing that things which were once true, are still true, under threat of ostracisation(?). Modern feminism has become dogmatic, with none-to-gentle handling of apostates. Lying about apostates to the faithful in order to keep them believing more lies. Does this sound familiar to any of my atheist readers?

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The views and opinions expressed here are purely my own. I am not affiliated with and business or political body. All content is either my own work, items in the public domain, or items used under the terms of Fair Usage for criticism, commentary, or education purposes. (Also; only a fool would take anything posted on here seriously.)
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