Trump Protesters

The most popular chant seems to be

“No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!”

Which I find perplexing. 

“No Trump” is a statement inherently against democracy. Whatever you don’t like about Trump, he was elected democratically.

“No KKK” at a Trump protest can be disregarded because no evidence has been presented that Trump has anything to do with the KKK. In stark contrast to Hillary who cited an ex KKK recruiter as “a mentor”.

“No fascist USA” is similarly pointless. Fascism has in it’s proper usage the following qualities;

“Fascism claims to be neither capitalistic nor socialistic.
It maintains private property but places its use under State
control. Class struggle is rejected and industrial disputes are
forbidden. Trade unions and manufacturers’ associations, both
Fascist-controlled, are to co-operate in the corporations. The party is anti-democratic and anti-liberal.”¹

Here fascism can be seen to be something not inherent in the political stance of the Republican party or Trump himself. In point of fact the socialistic, anti-liberal,  anti-democratic sentiments and class-struggle narratives seem to be held by the protesters themselves. 

¹ 1939 Penguin Political Dictionary


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