Milo and The Correct Application Of Words

I’m sick and tired of seeing people labelled incorrectly and seeing them suffer as a result.

Spencer called a Nazi for wanting what Jews have, Trump called a Fascist for winning an election, Gay people called Homophobic, Anti-Muslim speakers called Xenophobic which is ridiculous because Islam isn’t a race, and Islamophobic applied to people who have a perfectly rational fear of islam.

Now Milo is having to defend accusations of endorsing paedophilia..

I won’t bother with direct quotations as the videos are everywhere, go and listen then come back.

Now.. Paedophilia describes a preference for, rather than attraction to someone who happens to be prepubescent, which either way is irrelevant as we’re dealing about the illegal act rather than the diagnosis, but would still not be paedophilia as in UK where Milo is from, that applies to those victims under the age of 11.

He says that the Age of Consent (16 in UK) is about right but also described it as arbitrary, talking about sexual maturity (citing people younger who are sexually mature whereas I would be more worried about people older who aren’t sexually mature). I see no problem with this as a factual observation, I would say informed consent requires mental maturity as well as sexual maturity, but I understand what he means.
The ability to make decisions with regards to long term consequences is severely impacted by mental immaturity, hence it is the adult’s responsibility in these scenarios. (Even with sexually maturity taken into account, neurologically speaking I’d have the age of consent at 18, which would be hypocritical but then every adolescent thinks they know everything).

So there’s no case here for saying he endorses Paedophilia. One could point to his question to the radio host regarding finding someone sexually mature “hot” even if they were 15 (i.e. slightly under legal age) but that would instead be an example of ephebophilia, and only then if that were a preference rather than a singular case, and everyone (I don’t care who they are) has seen some overly sexualised model and thought they looked hot, only to discover later that that person wasn’t of legal age. It happens, and it’s not your fault.

Now we do have a bit towards the end where he won’t name the guy in question despite implication that there were incidents with other boys of an age which Milo found concerning. I agree with Jeff holliday, that is a problem. The only problem in this whole mess. But I will not denounce Milo for not giving the guy up to Social Justice when it’s a matter for the police, the courts, and for due process. I didn’t hear that it hasn’t be reported but I will urge Milo on behalf of the safety of others to report if he hasn’t already done so.

Given that he wasn’t endorsing paedophilia, I find it sickening that the label is being applied to him to the point now where his book has been cancelled by the publisher. This is now a case of monetary loss due to defamation of character.

As someone who keeps seeing derogatory labels used to shut down people for having the “wrong” political opinions I find myself terrified that this can easily happen to anyone including myself. But rather than be quiet, I see the positive in being open, saying what you think, and voting how you believe, because if you shut up before they shut you up, they’ve already won.


Milo has made a Facebook Live style apology, and a researched Press Conference apology, for the wording he used and the flippant tone which may have made other victims feel lessened. He reached out to say that life gets better and that one shouldn’t let abuse dictate their lives. What he didn’t apologise for was his views because as he says, what he said and what CNN etc are saying about him are two different things entirely.

One conflation which people are *still* making are where he talks about long supportive relationships that young gay men get involved as a sad factor of being shunned at home. With this he cites his own long term relationship with a 29 year old whilst he was 17 (legal age in UK is 16, in Germany is 14). This is being lumped in with his comments about how he lost his virginity at 13 which he recognises as abuse, but feels like he was a willing partner in. Despite which he reiterated that the legal age is about right and that older men taking sexual advantage of 13 year olds *is* *wrong*.


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4 Responses to Milo and The Correct Application Of Words

  1. john zande says:

    Excuse my ignorance, but who is Milo?

  2. (V)nemoni)(s says:

    Milo Yiannopoulos, editor at Breitbart, Gay Catholic Conservative with Jewish heritage and a penchant for black boyfriends, who people keep trying to label different things like racist, homophobe, etc and now this. He’s a provocateur and a damn good one. Takes some getting used to and should always fact check him, but even if he were absolutely abhorrent I’d still object to the wrong labels being used to demonise him when there are perfectly good rational arguments instead.

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