Reasoning Reason


When I asked* for validation of claims regarding Geocentric** models, I was given this image along with the question “Does this help?”***


..which is obviously doesn’t. But let’s dissect it anyway as he wants me to see where God can end this circle.

“I know my reasoning is valid because I checked the validity of my reasoning using my reasoning therefore..” ..God? – No that doesn’t follow.

“I know my reasoning is valid because [God] checked the validity of my reasoning using [His] reasoning therefore..”? – Hmm that wouldn’t be any more valid.

“I know [God’s] reasoning is valid because I checked the validity of [God’s] reasoning using my reasoning therefore..”? – Nope, same problem. One last try.

“I know my [God] is valid because I checked the validity of my [God] using my [God] therefore..” – That must be what he means. Still circular but given the lack of evidence in favour of whatever passes for a god these days, I suppose that’s how theism works.

As for reasoning, it is a cognitive process that is contingent upon the learned responses to our interaction with the world around us. The simplest “action and reaction” observation, repeatedly instigated and encountered, informs our actions. More complex observations of the world lead to more complex reasoning. Even hypotheticals are based in examples we draw from the real world. Logical statements are routinely rendered in mathematic form, something which is based on very primitive but concrete observances that when you put two rocks together, the result is two rocks, not three, or one.

Reasoning isn’t based on reasoning. It’s based on evidence. Something that theists endeavour to discredit because it doesn’t support their beliefs.

Now Matty, where’s that validation for Geocentrism?

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Update: no answers to questions, just further non-sequiturial claims

“Spiritual things are undetectable by Science. Science has failed”****

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3 Responses to Reasoning Reason

  1. john zande says:

    Spiritual things are undetectable by Science


    Could he answer that?

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