How to spot a misandrist

They write articles like this

When your average everyday gender egalitarian who calls themselves a Feminist because they’ve never read more Feminist Theory than the dictionary definition, tells you that feminism is just equality of men and women.. ask them if that’s true, then why is raising men’s side of issues considered “misogyny”?

Ask them why a person who can see this hypocrisy and decides not to be a Feminist doesn’t have their reason listened to, yet is expected to forget male suicide rates, infant male genital mutilation, male victims of childhood sexual assault and abuse, the lack of parental freedom for males, gender sentencing gaps, special protections exclusively for females on nongendered issues (like VAWG act), legal exemptions for women in law from the capability of committing crimes like rape and sperm theft, and the insideously successful use of false rape allegations against men, because we don’t consider “manspreading” a serious issue.. 

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9 Responses to How to spot a misandrist

  1. darthtimon says:

    I suspect part of the problem is that when women start to discuss problems they face, there are men out there who starting saying ‘but what about men’s issues?!’ and attempt to drown out the original discussion. I have witnessed this on Twitter and elsewhere first-hand. Raising the issues men face is fine, but it’s usually done as a counterpoint to women raising issues about women, not because of a genuine wish to discuss men’s issues.

    • (V)nemoni)(s says:

      Surely they’re raised as a counterpoint in order for them to be discussed alongside women’s issues? My experience is that your scenario is exemplified when the issue itself shouldn’t be gendered, that the experiences of men match that of women.

      • darthtimon says:

        The problem is, they’re not usually raised to see a discussion alongside women’s issues. They’re raised to completely change the narrative of the discussion to ‘why feminism is bad’ rather than to actually tackle the issues faced by anyone, men and women alike.

      • (V)nemoni)(s says:

        Can’t tackle issues until people know there’s issues, seems like a logical step in th chain of progression to equality to me. Women’s issues are widely noted, addressed, and popularised without reference to victims of the other gender. Why is that a problem when instead of women’s issues, a piece addresses men’s issues?

      • darthtimon says:

        There’s no problem with addressing men’s issues. The problem is, certainly from the experience I’ve gained, is that men’s issues are only raised whenever women discuss women’s issues, as a means to detracting or belittling women’s issues. It’s not to actually drive a genuine discussion men’s problems – it’s to prevent the original discussion on women’s issues. The motivation is questionable.

      • (V)nemoni)(s says:

        We seem to have very different experiences of men’s rights activism. Perhaps you’re seeing more of the antifeminist pieces as anti-women’s-issues as opposed to being antifeminism as an ideology? (kind of like in the piece we’re commenting on right now)

      • darthtimon says:

        I can’t say. All I can say is that my prevailing experience with MRAs/MGTOWs at large is that they don’t appear to be genuinely interested in men’s issues, but instead prefer to use them as a vehicle to shut down feminism/women’s issues. My encounters with some of these people, particular on Twitter, have been extremely negative. Is that colouring my opinion? Perhaps.

  2. Neroke says:

    Umm you mean like saying MGTOW. A group that boycotts marriage and limits it’s contact and interaction with women is somehow interfering in womens rights?

    Yeah you did say that and I did share it, yet somehow you feel compelled to keep commenting about it

    • darthtimon says:

      Greetings Neroke. I confess to only just seeing this comment as you didn’t reply directly and I stumbled upon it whilst looking for something else. I have found in my experience that MGTOWS are less interested in going their own way than they are bemoaning women and feminism at every turn. Is this a fair judgement? Perhaps not, but it is certainly what my experience has been, through a number of discussions with MGTOWs.

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