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Reasoning Reason

by https://www.twitter.com/MnemoniXs When I asked* for validation of claims regarding Geocentric** models, I was given this image along with the question “Does this help?”*** ..which is obviously doesn’t. But let’s dissect it anyway as he wants me to see where God … Continue reading

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Authority. A Guest Piece by @TakeThatLogic

When you cite a source that is not your own research, you’re appealing to the work of others to support the claim you propose. This appeal to the knowledge, observation, or conclusion of another person or persons, implies that some … Continue reading

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Answering vague questions re: belief

“@mad5022: So,what do you thing about life!! Sleep,money,?? Tell me by logic?why you die!! Why you here! Do you have mind” This may take some dissecting.. “what do you [think](?) about life!! Sleep,money,??” Life is what we make it. We … Continue reading

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Response to “Atheism vs God”

“Belief in God is far more likely than Atheism” http://www.prageruniversity.com/Religion-Philosophy/God-vs-Atheism.html “Aquinas: Things that move have a mover.” Infinite regression isn’t a possibility (even though this is a given.. just as an aside: why is it a given?) so there must … Continue reading

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Ad Nauseam

“@AmadeoAlex: @GodlessAccount @Gorooble @MnemoniXs you fail to account for reality, origin, life, morals, rationality, logic, meaning, purpose, destiny.” This is the kind of drivel I hear from the schools of William Lane Craig etc. In these cases the person spouting … Continue reading

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