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How to spot a misandrist

They write articles like this When your average everyday gender egalitarian who calls themselves a Feminist because they’ve never read more Feminist Theory than the dictionary definition, tells you that feminism is just equality of men and women.. ask them … Continue reading

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Thanks to StudioBrule for the shoutout* at the International Conference on Men’s Issues last year in London. Most of my more recent pieces have been hubbed for free on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/MnemoniXs but having only this week changed jobs … Continue reading

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Why I Fell Out With The Dictionary – a guest piece by @TekThatEnglish

by https://www.twitter.com/TekThatEnglish “He insisted upon the precision of words, and I have kept faith with him.” I used to love the dictionary. Whenever there was a disagreement about meaning, it could be whipped out and used authoritatively, even in the midst … Continue reading

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It’s subtle but right there in the definition; the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Did you catch it? It’s not “Equal rights for men and women” but “women’s rights”, the rest is … Continue reading

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Women can’t rape – guest post by @RobbieHalls w/ sources via @HoneyBadgerBite

Sexual assault upon men seems to be left out of the narrative I see every day from outspoken feminists who insist that there is a rape culture in US/UK when no definition of such a culture applies to most civilised … Continue reading

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Dipping my toes into Human Rights

So this was only my first real encounter with someone who seemed to have anything against advocates of men’s rights, normally I spend my time dealing with the religious etc as you can tell from this blog and the preponderance … Continue reading

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